Help break the cycle of vulnerability and disadvantage 

The vulnerability of our young Australian’s is rising, with 638,000 young people (19% of all young people under 17), living in households below the poverty line and with up to 20% of 15-19 year olds are at risk of dropping out of the school system prematurely. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters know that engagement in education and the community is one of the most effective ways to helps break the cycle of disadvantage is essential part of equipping vulnerable young people with the tools needed to build a brighter future.  

This knowledge underpins our plan to mentor 5000 young people in school across Australia in the next 5 years. 

Sponsor a mentoring match at school 

Our BIG Futures sponsorship program enables you to directly sponsor the one to one mentoring of a child at school so they don't miss out on the opportunity to participate fully in their education, and build a better, brighter future for themselves and their community. 

As little as $30 will mentor a child for a week and start something BIG 



We know each time we match a vulnerable child with a mentor, we start something incredible – a life changing relationship built on friendship, trust, guidance and empowerment.

5 years - 5000 children