Ambassdors know first hand how to start something big

Our ambassadors are passionate about our programs and are proud to lend their name and public support to our organisation. 

Cameron Ling

As former captain for Geelong, Cameron Ling has faced his fair share of challenges, but none as great as those facing the young people he is helping through his support of the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program.

"I cannot recommend highly enough the great work Big Brothers Big Sisters. Having a positive role model is vital for the development of children and adolescents. Unfortunately so many kids are missing out on this for various reasons.

This is where Big Brothers Big Sisters comes in, providing hundreds of vulnerable 'Littles' each year with a volunteer mentor or 'Big'," says Ling. 

Michael Carr-Gregg

Michael is one of Australia's highest profile psychologists. He works in private practice as a nationally registered child and adolescent psychologist and is passionate about delivering national and international evidence based psychology workshops and seminars that make a difference to the health and wellbeing of young people.

Michael's work has a focus on the importance of building resilience on young people, and he strongly supports the work of Big Brother Big Sisters as it is in line with his view that "young people need charismatic adults in their lives".

Sammy J

Sammy J is an award winning comedian, writer and songbird. From Melbourne to Edinburgh, he has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting and inventive performers on the international comedy scene.

 Sammy J is also a former Big Brother so he knows firsthand how the program can influence the life and development of a young person. 

When not on stage Sammy J regularly co-hosts the Conversation Hour on ABC radio and also writes for the Age newspaper.