Nov 24, 2016

1000 is too many

Today we are asking for your support, to make a donation to keep up this life-changing work. Because sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to have the support they need.

Without a positive mentor figure in their lives, children are at a much higher risk of falling in with the wrong crowd, declining grades, alcohol and drug abuse, or worse. It creates a devastating ripple effect that breaks my heart.

This is Ben's* story:

"I stopped going to school in Year 7, no one cared or checked up on me ...
I found new groups of friends ... We would steal things to survive, first cars, and then break into houses ... With money came drugs, the drugs helped me forget ... it had been over a year since I had spoken to my Mum."

It's so difficult to hear stories like Ben's, knowing that his life could be so different if only he'd had a supportive role model in his life, exactly like our mentorship programs provide.

And we know our program works, because of stories like this from, Jonathon, one of our young mentees:

"Before I met Wade, I didn't ever want to grow up because I thought being a man meant always being angry stressed and getting into fights. Because of Big Brothers Big Sisters I have a friend for life and I'm not so scared of growing up anymore."

Despite the success of our programs, there are currently more than 1000 young people waiting for a big brother or big sister.

We are asking our supporters to consider supporting our Christmas campaign. It will be the most transformative gift you can give this Christmas.

Please make a generous donation today, to help get young people like Jonathon off our waiting list and into our life-changing mentorship programs. 


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