Apr 13, 2017

How would you solve this challenge?

This is exactly what 60 young graduates from Allianz, CSL Behring, Mars, Qenos, UTS and Telstra are doing at the moment and it is truly inspirational to see how these young leaders of today are approaching this activity. The participants attended a number of workshops including pitching their idea to the 'Angel Tank' in Melbourne and Sydney.

They are now implementing a range of social enterprises and activities including: Peak your Passion motivational event; Mental Health First Aid Kit; Super Hero Virtual Fun Run; Foodie Fiesta; 10,000 Step Challenge; Bowl for Kids and Ball Park Football League; Platinum Movie Experience; BIG VR Experience; Treat Yo’Self Charity Gig and the BIG University Campus Challenge.

Importantly 100% of funds raised in these start-up enterprises will be being used to help Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia mentor vulnerable young people currently on our waiting list. The talented young people have not only developed innovative ways to raise the much-needed dollars to mentor vulnerable kids but also have an opportunity to 'give back and pay forward' the support, mentoring and training they have received in their life. Interestingly all of the enterprises tackle issues that concern young people today; mental health; social connection, technology and physical activity.

We encourage you all to take a look at how the Million $ Challenge teams have approached the challenge and encourage you to support their activities. You can also follow the teams progress and stay tuned for the announcement of the Round 1, Million $ Challenge champions in May.

The true winners of the challenge will be the vulnerable young people Big Brothers Big Sisters are able to match to a mentor as a direct result of the teams efforts.

Concept behind Million $ Challenge!

In today’s ever changing work environment, we are encouraged to be agile, innovative and resilient. Success at work is not only based on our core technical skills, but relies on our ability to adapt to change, compromise, work well with others and be resilient when things go wrong.

How do we train our young people to practise these core adaptive ‘soft skills’ in a safe, supportive environment? Million $ Challenge is Big Brothers Big Sisters initiative that runs Australia wide.

It has been developed with the support of industry leaders to provide participating young people with a 10-week immersive and supportive ‘real world’ learning experience that includes; cross organisational learning and networking fully facilitated development days mentoring support and access to coaches and business mentors from some of Australia’s largest organisations.

This learning by doing approach requires graduates from companies and organisations across Australia to compete against each other to run the most profitable mini enterprise. The ultimate aim is to for young leaders of today, to raise one million dollars over the next five years to mentor 1,000 vulnerable young people so they may become the young leaders of tomorrow.

The next round of Million $ Challenge commences in August, contact Amanda Smith to learn more how your organisation can join this innovative learning opportunity or register your team at www.milliondollarchallenge.org.au

Million $ Challenge is powered by the support of the following organsiations: Fusion Graduate Consultancy; Together Creative; AAGE; Top 100 and AmCham

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