Now Recruiting BIG Futures Vocational In-School Mentors In Melbourne’s Northern Region


If you work, study or have experience in the required trades, and live or work in Northern Melbourne WE NEED YOU! 

Recruitment is NOW OPEN for committed adult volunteers willing to donate an hour or two of their time per week to mentor high school students at a school in the Coburg area. 

This new program will be special focussed and aims to recruit volunteer mentors to match the individual needs of the student group. The school is vocation focussed, so we are seeking mentors associated with the relevant vocations, but also others who may be compatible with the students in other ways (such as shared experiences, cultural background)

For the vocation based mentoring, we are looking for adult volunteers working, studying or with experience in the below trades to mentor young people within their school environment:

-          Automotive (specifically seeking a female in this area, as well as male)

-          Building & Construction

-          Furniture Making

-          Hospitality

-          Horticulture

If you do not work in any of the above fields but are interested in mentoring in this program, we welcome you to submit an enquiry so we can make contact to explore whether you may be a good  fit for any of the students based on other experience and qualities you may have.

Volunteers are asked to commit for 1-2 hours once a week during school term time, at a time that suits the volunteer. This program offers great flexibility for volunteers, as you are are able to choose the day and time within the school week that works for you. This can be the same times each week, or may vary from week to week based on your availability.

Volunteers will join the small group of students studying the relevant trade in one of their trade of theory classes each week to provide guidance, support and mentoring.

What is required to be a mentor?  

All young people need a champion. A caring adult who believes in them and walks beside them, encouraging and supporting them to unlock their potential.

Mentors for BIG Futures in-school mentoring:

  • Are aged between 18 to 80 years
  • Undertake a screening process to protect the safety of the volunteer and young person
  • Receive face to face and online mentor training
  • Are supported by a mentoring professional through the whole mentoring experience
  • Are matched to a young person at school based on interests, compatibility and location 
  • Commit to approximately 1-2 hours per week during school hours during school term (for up to a full school year)
  • Don't need qualifications, just a desire to make a difference in a young person's life and to help them build the skills and confidence needed to unlock their potential

Are you ready to be a vocational in-school mentor?  - Complete the online enquiry here. You will then receive an online Application form if you work in one of the specified trades and live or work in an appropriate area.