Community Ambassador: Dr. Bronwyn King 

As an oncologist, many of the first patients Bronwyn cared for were suffering from tobacco related disease. The devastating impact of tobacco left a deep impression, one that compelled Bronwyn to act when she discovered  that some of her pension fund savings were being invested in tobacco companies. Bronwyn founded Tobacco Free Portfolios, encouraging superannuation funds to implement tobacco free investment policies.  To date, there are now more than 30 tobacco free superannuation funds in Australia, with a total divestment of more than $1.5 billion tobacco stocks.

Through this work, and also through her younger years training as an elite swimmer, Bronwyn has learned the importance of positive role models, particularly for young people.

"I've had many wonderful mentors guide me through challenging times.  It would have been so much more difficult to negotiate life's obstacles without their backing. The Big Brother Big Sister mentorship program is a wonderful way to ensure that young people realise their full potential"