Community Based - One to One Mentoring  

Intensive supported positive mentoring relationship up to three years in duration. The young person (aged 7-17) and mentor meets weekly.

Emphasis on providing stability, unlocking potential and building a sense of well-being and hope for a brighter future.

What is Community Based mentoring?

Community based mentoring is the traditional Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring relationship connecting young people aged 7 to 17 years of age (Littles) with volunteer mentors (Bigs).

During the program, young people spend an hour or so with their mentor three to four times a month, doing activities such as walks, kicking the footy, bike rides, board games, cooking or craft. Each young person is individually matched to the most suitable mentor based on personality, shared interests, and geographical location.

Constant support and encouragement

Volunteers who apply to be mentors must go through our comprehensive 5-step screening and induction process. This is an internationally-tested program, helping to keep young people safe and ensuring that each child is matched to the most appropriate mentor.

Throughout the program, Bigs and Littles are supported by a Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Co-Ordinator, who helps support and encourage the matches as they get to know each other.

For more information, please contact

Email or call 1300 463 686.

How to apply to be a mentor? 

Go to our Volunteer section of the website to learn more about where we are currently recruiting volunteers to be mentors.