OurSpace e-Mentoring 

Connecting Bigs & Littles everywhere

In the past, mentoring through Big Brothers Big Sisters in Australia has been limited due to geographic distance with Bigs and Littles required to live within 30 minutes transport time of each other.  OurSpace removes that barrier by leveraging digital technology to bridge the geographic divide, allowing Bigs and Littles to form positive relationships online, regardless of where they live.  This technology will allow Big Brothers Big Sisters to expand into areas they do not currently serve, such as Tasmania, Perth and Canberra.

OurSpace also can be used in specialist support areas to help children who may not be able to participate in traditional mentoring relationships due to illness, unstable mental health, physical disabilities, and exclusion or isolation.


A place to grow, learn & share

OurSpace provides Bigs and Littles with a safe and secure digital environment to build a positive relationship.  The platform is anchored in the professional experience of Big Brothers Big Sisters social workers who monitor and support the e-mentoring matches online. The OurSpace platform offers the ability to supervise interactions in real time, which provides for the continuation of Big Brothers Big Sisters’ best practice mentoring processes in the digital environment. 

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