The lessons we learn while growing up help to shape who we become as adults. If we are lucky, we learn these lessons from our parents, guardians and adult role models, teachers, other people we trust and rely on.

However, many vulnerable children in Australia lack the support system of a positive adult role model. Someone who can bring a new perspective and can open their eyes to what could be!

Start100 Donor Circles

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Start100 Donor Circle aims to bring together more than 100 like-minded individuals in each state to support local vulnerable kids to be matched to positive adult mentors.
By joining the Start100 Donors Circle in your state you believe in the power of mentoring and will join other like-minded individuals to collectively make a BIG IMPACT!  
Each member in the Start100 Donor Circle commits to donating $1,500 per year (or $125 per month), enough to match one young person with a mentor. 
By joining the Start100 Donor Circle you will start something BIG!. You will help a vulnerable child beat the odds, have higher aspirations, improve confidence, create better relationships, avoid risky behaviours and achieve educational success!
The ultimate goal of the Start100 Donor circle is for committed, caring community members to come together, pool our resources and match 100 vulnerable young people with positive adult mentors in each state each year.

As a Start100 Member you will receive: 

  • Lapel pin & Certificate
  • Recognition on our website and in our annual report
  • Newsletter updates
  • Free entry to two donor events per year 
Join us today by donating in the boxes below or download a brochure for more information.

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