FAQ About the Program

Where can I find Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring programs in Australia?
What measures do you employ to assess the impact and success of the services that you provide?
What is Big Brothers Big Sisters?


FAQ Young People Referrals

How young people are referred to Big Brothers Big Sisters?
What young people do Big Brothers Big Sisters programs support?
How can I make a referral?


FAQ Volunteer Mentors

How are volunteer mentors selected?
What commitment does a volunteer mentor make?
How can I sign-up to become a mentor?
Who are the volunteer mentors?


FAQ Matches

Why aren’t more young people matched to a volunteer mentor?
What kind of support is provided to mentors once matched?
How are young people and volunteer mentors matched?


FAQ Funding Donations

What’s the difference between a one-off donation and a recurring donation?
How can I make a donation?
How are Big Brothers Big Sisters funded?