Become a Mentor Sponsored Organisation

Mentoring is increasingly known for its value - both to the mentee, but importantly to the mentor, which is why many employers today are seeking mentoring opportunities for the personal and professional development of their staff - whilst also being able to give back to the wider community.

What’s Involved

Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentors develop communication, coaching and active listening skills. As well as helping to build emotional intelligence (EQ), they gain valuable experience in negotiating diverse perspectives and experiences.

By becoming a Mentor Supported Organisation, you commit to actively promoting mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters to your staff and acknowledge both the personal and professional development they will gain by becoming a Mentor.

In recognition of the commitment and value of mentoring, official Mentor Supported Organisations commit to sponsoring their staff who are successful in being selected as a Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Mentor with either a full or half sponsorship:

  • Full Sponsorship of $1500 (for 12 months of mentoring)
  • Half Sponsorship of $750 (for 6 months of mentoring)

All sponsorships can be made as a tax deductable donation.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of becoming an official Mentor Supported Organisation include:

  • You will receive the official Mentor Supported Organisation logo.
  • You can actively promote that your organisation is committed to making a positive social impact in the community.
  • You can highlight that your organisation provides mentoring opportunities to staff who are successful
  • You may attract and retain staff who seek a higher level of purpose and meaning at work.

For More Information

If your company is interested in becoming an official Mentor Supported Organisation, please contact us at

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