Our Philanthropic Partners:

Gandel Philanthropy

As a long standing partner of Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia, Gandel Philanthropy has supported young people in need of suppot across Victoria through our one-to-one mentoring. More recently Gandel Philanthropy is supporting the organisation to help build its capacity to grow our impact. 

Through support of this work, Big Brothers Big Sisters are able to build resilience and a sense of self-worth in young people that helps them to stay at school, improve their relationships with families and their community which in turn can lead to long-term community benefits like an increase in school retention; school and community safety; and greater employment opportunities.

Together in partnership, Gandel Philanthropy has been instrumental in supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters work to prevent youth disadvantage through mentoring.


Philip and Vivian Brass Foundation

Philip Brass is the Patron, steering comittee member, benefactor, and founding partner of Big Brothers Big Sisters' Young Achievers Program. By recognising that young people may not have the tools, networks and support they need to gain a career in their area of interest, the Young Achievers Program aims to give young people the opportunities and advice they need to attain their career goals. Through Philip's vision, support, and enthusiasm, over 150 young people have been paired with a mentor working in their area of interest, inspired to achieve in careers as diverse as engineers to fashion designers, lawyers, musicians and pilots.


Vincent Fairfax Foundation

Vincent Fairfax Foundation aspires to a stronger and brighter future for Australians in NSW and remote areas of the north. They help disadvantaged young people reach their educational and social potential.

Andrews Foundation

Flora and Frank Leith Foundation

Australian Communities Foundation

Lord Mayor's Youth In Philanthropy

Ballarat United Way

Matana Foundation

Bennelong Foundation

Marian and EH Flack Foundation

Benson Foundation