For 11 year old Ed, having three brothers and being raised by his Mum, meant life at home could be quite chaotic – until being matched to his Big Brother Ed which gave him male role model to have some time out with.

Ed's mum needed some support, with two of Jamie’s brothers have a disability, she found it difficult finding the time to give him the guidance needed around managing his anger and felt a he needed a positive male influence in his life. Jamie was 23 years old and studying Dentistry. He thought the idea of being Big Brothers sounded interesting, inspirational and presented a challenge he hadn’t faced before.

They got to know each other through everyday activities like playing basketball, visiting the museum and climbing Mt Lofty. By three months, Ed's mum noticed his behaviour was more stable and staff noticed his massive grin when he was around Jamie.

By the end of 12 months, Jamie had supported Ed in his transition from primary school to high school. He became the 'chilled, cool' kid he wanted to be, making new friends, excelling academically, and learning to remove him from potential trouble. Jamie has witnessed Ed's confidence growing along with his willingness to try new things, and take different ideas on board. Ed tell us “Jamie had taught me self-control, and to brush my teeth more!”

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