Kate, a fun and caring young woman of 25 provided support and encouragement to 14 year old Caleb.

Kate became Caleb’s Big sister in 2008, and although their match has officially graduated they still maintain regular contact and share a very close friendship. Kate and Caleb’s match is a little unusual in that it is a cross gender match. Caleb is one of a large sibling group his mum thought he could benefit from individual support of another caring adult as he had limited contact with their natural father.

While it was deemed to be perfect match at the time, many staff thought Caleb might lose interest in being matched to a “Big Sister” once he started going through adolescence. This has been far from the case and 5 years on Kate and Caleb’s friendship stronger than ever, Caleb has even celebrated Easter with Kate and her family on a couple of occasions.

Kate tells us she has learnt a great deal from Caleb and that she values his friendship very highly. Caleb’s mother says “Kate has been a great support to Caleb emotionally without Caleb even knowing it, which I believe is the beauty of the program. The Littles are learning while having fun and feeling important all at the same time.”

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